Hamelin Pool and the Stromatolites

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A trip back to the beginning of time…

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The beginnings of life on Earth

Evidence of the beginnings of life on Earth can be found in the saline waters of Hamelin Pool – the famous stromatolites.

Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Reserve is one of only two places in the world where living marine stromatolites are known to occur, and THE only place where they can easily be seen from shore.

Microscopic organisms, invisible to the human eye, concentrate and recycle nutrients, which combine with sedimentary grains to form the dome formations called stromatolites.

The stromatolites first appeared in the shallow waters of Hamelin Pool 2000–3000 years ago, but the organisms that built them were the earliest forms of life on Earth, with a lineage dating back an unimaginable 3500 million years.

You can see the stromatolites at the end of Hamelin Pool Road, just 27km from the junction of the North West Coastal Highway and Shark Bay Road.

A wooden boardwalk at Hamelin Pool makes it easy for you to view the stromatolites without damaging them. Along the walk are information panels telling the fascinating story of the stromatolites, and giving an insight into the beginnings of life on Earth.

Hamelin Pool Caravan Park

The Hamelin Pool Caravan Park is located in the Shark Bay World Heritage area, and includes self-contained accommodation. Take a guided tour of the Old Telegraph Station, discover the stromatolites, relax at the tea room with a meal or a drink, enjoy the beautiful sunset and stay overnight in our comfortable self contained units.Take a guided tour of the Old Telegraph Station, discover the stromatolites, relax at the tea room with a meal or a drink, enjoy the beautiful sunset and stay overnight at the Hamelin Pool Caravan Park… an unforgettable experience.

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4WD & Camping – Wula Guda Nyinda Eco Adventures

Wula Guda Nyinda Eco Adventures operates a Didgeridoo Dreaming night tour, kayaking and snorkelling tours, and 4WD adventures  tours designed like no other to explore the cultural ties of the local Nhanda and Malgana Aboriginal people to Gutharraguda (local Aboriginal name for Shark Bay meaning ‘Two Waters’).

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Shark Bay Car Hire

Whether you are traveling for Business or for Pleasure Shark Bay Car Hire has you covered with a range of vehicles to suit your needs!

With Rex Airlines now flying into Monkey Mia airport making it more accessible and affordable than ever to visit this magical part of the world we can help give you the freedom your need to explore at your leisure. We offer a professional friendly service and will go out of our way to help you get the most out of your time here.

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Shark Bay Aviation

Scenic flights of Shark Bay and surrounding areas, day trips to outstanding destinations, plus general air charters to your choice of destinations.

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Shark Bay Coastal Tours

Shark Bay Coastal Tours is a family-owned tour company offering unique 4-wheel drive adventures in the Shark Bay and Denham region.

Half and full day charters depart from either Denham or Monkey Mia and offer you the chance to learn about local culture, explore amazing remote beaches and walk through awe-inspiring World Heritage and National Park areas.

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Old Historic Telegraph Station

The Hamelin Pool Telegraph Station was built in 1884 and became an important link in the telegraph line between Perth and Roebourne.

The fascinating history of the telegraph station can be relived by taking a tour of the museum which features relics from the days when the site was a repeater station on the Old Telegraph Line. A small entrance fee applies.

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Hamelin Pool Caravan Park

Shark Bay Boat Hire

Hire-and-drive boat hire in Shark Bay. Provided ready to run, perfect for you to explore  Shark Bay’s awesome sea scapes, isolated bays and prolific sealife.

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