Steep Point and Dirk Hartog Island

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Spectacular rewards for adventurers.

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The western tip of Australia

Steep Point, in an area named Edel Land, is the westernmost point of the Australian mainland. This alone makes it worth visiting, and the spectacular views are equally rewarding. Beyond Steep Point is the remote Dirk Hartog Island.

These areas are only accessible by 4WD or boat for some of the best fishing in Australia. This limited access helps to preserve the environment and enhance the wilderness adventure experience.

The western coast of Edel Land is bordered by the mighty Zuytdorp Cliffs, which in some areas soar to over 170m in height. Every part of the coastline offers a different vantage point and spectacular views, including the breathtaking blow holes at Thunder Bay, and a clear view of Dirk Hartog Island from Steep Point.

You can continue onto the island by 4WD via The Hartog Explorer, a barge that carries one vehicle and trailer at a time. Bookings are essential: your accommodation or tour operator will be able to assist you.

Dirk Hartog Island has a number of camp sites and excellent fishing spots for enthusiasts. Hire a 4WD and visit the island independently, join a land tour or cruise the coastline to spot some mesmerising marine life.

For more information on visiting and staying on Dirk Hartog Island, go to the Department of Parks and Wildlife website and

The area around Steep Point is also worth exploring. Experienced 4WD adventurers might want to drive from the northern end of Crayfish Bay to False Entrance along the sand dune track. These two bays are flanked by the Zuytdorp Cliffs and the reef runs the entire shoreline of both bays.

Swimming isn’t recommended due to the swell, but over on the north-east coastline, less than 5km from Steep Point, you can swim safely in the shallow waters of Sheltered Bay. As the name suggests, the bay is sheltered from the wind, and a great spot for camping.

Make sure you book your camping spot at either False Entrance or Sheltered Bay well in advance, especially during peak season. You can do this by contacting the Steep Point Ranger on (08) 9948 3993 or email

Dirk Hartog Island

Embracing the dramatic beauty of the Shark Bay World Heritage Area, the Eco Lodge is a rustic retreat where guests can ‘Escape and Discover’.

The 6 guests rooms and private villa blend simple elegance with luxury and comfort, offering stunning ocean views. The Eco Lodge is a destination in which to relax and reconnect with yourself, family and environment.

Alternatively, get a group together for a 4WD camping escape. The island is limited to 10 4WD vehicles at any one time. So get a group of 10 vehicles (20 people) and have the entire island to yourselves.

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Dirk Hartog Eco Lodge

4WD & Camping – Wula Guda Nyinda Eco Adventures

Wula Guda Nyinda Eco Adventures operates a Didgeridoo Dreaming night tour, kayaking and snorkelling tours, and 4WD adventures  tours designed like no other to explore the cultural ties of the local Nhanda and Malgana Aboriginal people to Gutharraguda (local Aboriginal name for Shark Bay meaning ‘Two Waters’).

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Monkey Mia Cruises

Join a cruise aboard the awesome 18 metre sailing catamaran Aristocat 2 and watch dolphins and dugongs and marine life in the wild at Monkey Mia. The only boat licensed by Department Parks and Wildlife to enter the Restricted Mammal Interaction Zone.

Shark Bay Boat Hire

Hire-and-drive boat hire in Shark Bay. Provided ready to run, perfect for you to explore  Shark Bay’s awesome sea scapes, isolated bays and prolific sealife.

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Shark Bay Aviation

Scenic flights of Shark Bay and surrounding areas, day trips to outstanding destinations, plus general air charters to your choice of destinations.

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4WD – Ocean Park


Join us for a adventure and excitement in Shark Bay and is a mecca for nature lovers around the world.

The region is an excellent four wheel driving area, with red sand dunes covered by acacia and surrounded,  by the beautiful waters of the Shark Bay World Heritage area.   Dramatic cliffs and white sandy beaches complete the picturesque natural landscape.

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Shark Bay Coastal Tours

Shark Bay Coastal Tours is a family-owned tour company offering unique 4-wheel drive adventures in the Shark Bay and Denham region.

Half and full day charters depart from either Denham or Monkey Mia and offer you the chance to learn about local culture, explore amazing remote beaches and walk through awe-inspiring World Heritage and National Park areas.

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Scuba Diving & Snorkelling – Ocean Park

You’ll view the stunning beauty of Shelter Bay, take in the Zuytdorp Cliffs, see Steep Point and even set foot on Dirk Hartog Island.

We’ll also get you in the water for a snorkel at a picturesque spot over lunch.  Our skipper and guides are full of knowledge about the area and to make your journey even more enjoyable.

You’ll receive a marine life briefing on the local wildlife and a maritime history briefing and  all your snorkelling equipment will be provided as well as a scrumptious lunch.

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