Photography on this Site

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Aerial images

The images on our home page and in the title bars throughout the site may look like abstract paintings of colour, pattern and light, but they are actually unedited views of Shark Bay from the air.

They were taken by Exmouth photographer Cat Trowbridge of Fuey Photography. Cat was astonished by the patterns and colours of Shark Bay she saw when flying to and from Exmouth, so she decided to create a collection of stunning aerial shots. The colours are true, and depict the intensity of natural colours in the sea and landscape, and the extraordinary effect of the salt ponds at Useless Loop.

You can see more of Cat’s images by clicking the Fuey Photography logo.


Photos in the galleries and key information pages were sourced from the Centre for Whale Research Western Australia, Lawrence Hillary Photography and Trish Milburn


An invitation to photographers

If you would like to showcase your Shark Bay photography on this website, please get in touch with the Shark Bay Tourism Association.